🚀Welcome to the Mantle Inu (MINU) Universe

MINU is the #1 memecoin on Mantle


At MINU, we truly believe that a new wave of memecoins is upon us.

Many memecoins that existed solely off their innate memetic and speculative value have largely now fallen off quite a bit; only the major ones remain.

We believe that the next wave of memecoins - if we want this to be a proper vertical within the world of web3 - will have to adapt, or face absolute extinction via users' pump-and-dump-exhaustion.

In essence, memecoins at their core will need to be more value-additive before even considering being extractive.

This ties in well with our motto at MINU: users should only give us value insofar as we provide them with more first.

In other words, we truly believe that for memecoins, fist and foremost, there is a need to continually earn and deserve the trust of users.

How we aim to do this will be via our 2-pronged approach of building a vibrant MINU community, but also a utility-first MINU Universe (or MINUverse) to value-add to said community.

The MINUverse

So what is this MINUverse?

The MINUverse is basically a universe (or suite of) product-and-service offerings for the MINU community, that we will consistently roll-out on a stepwise-basis.

This universe/suite of products will not only add value to the Mantle ecosystem, but also empower users to very seamlessly and easily access flywheels that they previously couldn't, or found difficult to.

These products will also be crafted with the user-first ethos in mind, and their #1 goal will always be to enhance the user-experience on Mantle

MINU Terminal

The first product that we will be releasing as part of the MINUverse would be the MINU Terminal, the first Telegram trading bot on Mantle.

With Minu Terminal, you will be able to gain easy access to your favorite decentralized applications across the entirety of the Mantle Network. The best part? You will also be able to effortlessly farm Mantle Journey Points whilst doing so. In future, we may even empower users to easily yield farm via the MINU Terminal.

Stay tuned as we seek to empower users to explore the Mantle ecosystem like never before. For more info on the MINU Terminal, do access our MINU Terminal Product Guide.

Join Our Minu Community

Beyond all the above, we urge you to experience the power of a unified touchpoint for all Mantle dApps with MINU. Join our vibrant community on Telegram and Twitter.

Telegram: https://t.me/mantleinu

Landing Page: https://mantleinu.xyz/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MantleInuCoin

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